Hidden Milk, Dangerous Ingredients

Melanie Melanie Hohman Saturday, April 13, 2019
My son Bradley is severely allergic to milk, dairy protein (and several other foods)...but milk is the worse one for him.  We typically look for Dairy-free and Vegan labels, but we also have to avoid nuts, eggs, gluten, and soy.  Most food packages will tell you "Contains Milk" however there are several other conventional items that do not.  I just found out about a young local boy, 11 years old, who just went into shock and died at the dentist office.  He was given a toothpaste that contained Recaladent.  This tragic incident is another reason why we need to be extra diligent with label reading.  Recaladent is made from milk protein, casein and it's found in Protein Toothpaste, MI Paste, Mouse Paste, and many other teeth whiteners. It is even found in chewing gum.  With milk allergies, watch out for these ingredients: casein, whey, caramel coloring, recaladent, rennet, ghee, curd, and lactose.  If you are unsure about the ingredients, don't use it....it's not worth it!   

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